Achievers Package

For Achievers we have special package in that we develop Website for individuals to build their career in their name.

For example you can refer this website example

This is an electronic tool for Achievers to visually demonstrate their own achievements and abilities.




1. We Create website in their Name


2. We create following pages for your website

  • Home

  • About

  • Personal Achievements

  • Award Details/ Conference

  • Paper Submission Details

  • Training Videos

  • Inspiring Talks

  • Special Moments

  • Special Skill Set

  • Certifications and Achievements

  • Blogs

  • Contact

3. Connect your website to social media 

4. Social Media Optimization for your website


We maintain your website one year for free.

Dr.Tech special offer price : Rs.3500 Only
(includes name and space price for one year)



If you have any doubts you can WhatsApp to +91-8344484401 or email to

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