“Succeed and make others succeed” is the principle we are working on. 

Trust, Integrity, and Friendship, Dr.Tech for u is solely focused upon the success of our customers, our co-workers , and our community.

Dr.Tech for u is run by Amazing Perk. Amazing Perk was started in 2015 with a with a motive to Help and Inspire people to have a Successful, Happy and Healthy with a vision. The International Yoga Professionals, Online World Records, and World Record Holders are other subsidiaries of Amazing Perk. 


Finding the right help that know the right fix when you need it most is critical to any business no matter the size.

At , Dr.Tech for u, we guarantee to provide you, the customer, with the very best service and support possible. We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to deliver solutions that work best for you and your business. Guaranteed!

Breaking free from vendor-specific sales and services, Founder Vetrivelan Selvam recognized the opportunity for a customer -focused IT business model. In a market that benefits from personal relationships, Dr.Tech for u makes IT friendly and approachable to all sorts of people through high quality solutions designed specifically for each customers’ needs.

Providing what is best for our customers requires listening and an in-depth understanding of a company. Our team at , Dr.Tech for u takes the time to acquire that depth of understanding.

Always exploring, the , Dr.Tech for u team looks ahead to the horizon for leading indicators of what is next. Technology is dynamic. We monitor how IT innovations may positively impact our customers.

Vetrivelan Selvam


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